A Dynamic Charity Serving Toronto for 40 Years

As the primary conduit for volunteerism in Toronto, the Volunteer Centre is integral to building the capacity of communities in Toronto and the well-being of the City as a whole. Through Education and outreach, Volunteer Toronto transforms the idea of civic engagement into civic action. By delivering public learning sessions, promoting volunteerism through in-person and online interactions and acting as an ambassador for volunteerism in Toronto at professional and media events, Volunteer Toronto engages directly with the City's diverse population.  Playing a vital connective role, Volunteer Toronto supports the recruitment and management of an estimated 1 million individuals engaged in acts of volunteerism throughout the City.

Building Organizational Capacity Through Support and Training

Volunteer Toronto is a responsive channel for community agencies requiring volunteers by supporting the management of volunteers and ensuring a viable volunteer base in the City. Volunteer Toronto offers volunteer referral, professional consultations in areas such as Police Records Checks, Social Media and the Human Rights code, custom training, Professional Development opportunities and the ability for agencies to participate in innovative programs.  As Subject Matter Experts, staff participate in as speakers in forums, deliver workshops and consult with Nonprofits and government agencies on public policy, program management and voluntary sector issues. As the landscape of the voluntary sector is altered in reponse to changing demographics and needs, Volunteer Toronto provides the support required by Nonprofits to sustain and improve service operations.

Embracing the Future of Employee Volunteerism

As a champion of cross-sectoral partnerships, Volunteer Toronto promotes volunteerism whenever and however possible. Through the development of a Corporate Employee Volunteer Program (EVP),
Volunteer Toronto created volunteer events for 29 companies with 6,557 volunteer hours contributed to the community in the last year. Focusing on sustainability, the EVP program provides tools to
corporations and Nonprofits to continue building partnerships in the years to come.

Impact by Numbers, 2010 - 2011

3,884,404 Visitors to Website & Training Portals
434,336 People Utilized Volunteer Referral Services
96,828 People 55+ Utilized Volunteer Referral Services
12,682 Individuals Engaged in Workshops, Consultations
11,500 Potential Volunteers Attended Outreach Events
6,557 Corporate Employee Volunteer Hours Contributed
1,259 Nonprofit Agencies with Membership

Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries, photo and interview requests, please contact:

Ainsley Kendrick, Communications Specialist
416-961-6888 x 231   akendrick@volunteertoronto.ca

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