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Youth Audit FAQs
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We don’t work very much with youth at the moment but are interested in the Audit. Would it be right for us?

Yes! Whether you are just starting to think about how to include youth volunteers as part of your organization’s work or have lots of youth volunteers already, the audit is designed to assess your organization’s volunteer program as it is now, and provide feedback on its strengths and how it can be improved to better accommodate youth volunteers.

Also if you are just beginning, it’s a great way of benchmarking where you’re currently at, so you can see the progress you make over the time. 


How long will it take?

There will be two meetings, which will take up to an hour and a half each. After the audit meeting has taken place, you will receive the Audit Report in a feedback meeting within 4 weeks of the audit meeting.


When will the meetings take place?

Both the audit meeting and the feedback meeting will take place on a Weekday afternoon from 4:30 – 5.30pm. This is to fit around the Youth Auditors’ school schedules.


Will anyone else from my organization be involved in the process?

Typically, the Youth will need to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator or the member of staff who oversees the volunteer program. If others are involved in the process, they are welcome to attend the meetings to provide information too.


What kind of questions will be asked?

The audit focuses on what volunteer roles your organization has, how volunteers are recruited, how your volunteer opportunities are promoted, how you communicate with your volunteers.


What will the Audit Report include?

The Audit Report will include feedback on the areas mentioned above (i.e. your volunteer roles, recruitment strategies and promotion and communication methods), particularly paying attention to where your organization is already doing a great job, and where improvements can be made.



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